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About Microbial Analysis by Bioclear

Microbiol Analysis

  • We have more than twenty years of experience in detection, identification and managing of microbial processes using molecular methods.
  • We reinvest one fifth of our annual turnover in developing knowledge and new, innovative methods and techniques. To do this we participate in national and international research projects. We hereby ensure that you will always profit from state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Our broad network of research institutes, universities and other laboratories means that we can quickly incorporate all required knowledge and facilities in our projects.
  • Bioclear works in accordance to phase 3 of the INK quality system which is comparable to ISO-9001-2008.


Microbial Analysis is part of the company Bioclear bv. Bioclear was established in 1988 by Sytze Keuning as spin-off from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Initially Bioclear developed viable remediation techniques for pollutants in soil using microbiological processes. In order to control the microbial processes, Bioclear developed a strong portfolio of measurement techniques. Today, the majority of our analysis are related to all kinds of different microbial processes. This cleared the way to other fields of applications and the start of microbialanalysis.com.

How did Bioclear get into microbial detection and identification?

In the 1990’s we were involved in a project for the European Space Agency (ESA) developing a biological air filter for use in human space flight. Bringing microbial cultures into space quickly led to questions concerning microbial safety and control. To this end, ESA asked Bioclear to investigate methods for fast and specific detection and monitoring of micro-organisms in space.

It quickly became apparent that traditional culturing techniques (determining the colony forming units or cfu) were not an option and our attention turned to molecular methods. These techniques are based on the detection of distinguishing patterns on the genetic material (DNA and/or RNA) of organisms. In 1995 we decided to invest in the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technology as it has the flexibility, accuracy and speed we needed to monitor our biological processes. This allowed us to detect and monitor specific groups and species of micro-organisms in all types of samples.

The creation of Microbial Analysis by Bioclear

It soon became apparent that the analyses we performed were also valuable to third parties that want to monitor and control their biological proces. That is why in 2001 we started to offer our microbial analyses commercially to third parties and in 2005 we invested in a quantitative version of the PCR technology (Q-PCR), which allows us to detect and quantify micro-organisms and microbial functional traits (biofunctions). We have developed custom made software in order to efficiently handle the large amounts of samples and data that are generated. We develop and validate all our own analyses according to the highest standards available and perform analyses for microbial species as well as for biofunctions. We perform analyses on DNA (presence of micro-organism) and RNA (activity of micro-organism). Furthermore, we have incorporated methods to identify populations of micro-organisms as well as bio-functions that are present in different ecosystems or processes.

The number of analyses steadily increased and in 2012 it was decided that a dedicated service was to be set up to fulfill the increasing demand for microbial detection and identification. The formation of Microbial Analysis by Bioclear was a fact.

For further information about Bioclear, check the website www.bioclear.nl.