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The first step in any microbial analysis is sampling the system or object that is under investigation. Because sampling is such a critical step in obtaining valuable and reliable information on micro-organisms, we always make it as hassle-free and robust as possible. To this end we have developed special sampling kits and methods that, in most cases, enable you to take your own samples.

Sampling kits

Sampling Kit

Our standard sampling kits enable you to take your own samples and to return these to us by regular post for subsequent analysis. The sampling material is sent to you free of charge.

What makes these sampling kits special is that they contain a special (non-toxic) fixative fluid which immediately conserves your sample and freezes all microbiological activity.

Sampling of other materials

For nonstandard samples it is often necessary to adapt our standard sampling kits and procedures. In some cases these samples can only be taken by specialized field workers. Please contact us to discuss the best sampling procedure for you specific situation.

In certain situations you might find that it is preferable that biosampling is performed by a specialist or under guidance of a specialist. In this case our field workers will come to your location to help you with the sampling procedure.