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Liquids & slurries

For example: groundwater, surface water, reactor liquids, slurries.

With our sampling kits, it is possible for you to take your own liquid and slurry samples. Therefore, we provide you with the sampling material to take your sample. When following the provided protocol, proper sampling will only take you a few minutes.

In certain situations however, it is necessary to sample large volumes of liquids, especially when the number of micro-organisms in the liquid are low, for example in deep groundwater or in drinking water systems we have developed a special sampling method that enables us to sample more than 100 litres of water on-site. The concentrated samples are then conserved and transported to our laboratories for subsequent analyses.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information about the sampling procedure for liquids or slurry samples.

Sampling of 120 litres of drinking water on location using our specially developed ultra-filtration unit.