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How do we sample micro-organisms?

After a sample has been taken it is essential that no changes can occur that may influence the analysis results (the microbiology must remain stable). Most procedures will therefore require biosamples to be cooled or frozen during transport and will require them to be delivered within 24-48 hours during opening hours so the samples can be processed immediately. Logistically this poses challenges that usually require extra costs. The risks of samples no longer being representative of the system or object under investigation are significant.

What makes our sampling kits special is that they contain a special fixative fluid which immediately stops all microbiological activity. Fixing a biological sample has a number of important benefits:

  • You can return samples to Bioclear from all over the world by regular post without the need to cool them during transport.
  • You can collect samples over a period of time (days, weeks or months) and return them to Bioclear in one go whenever it suits you.
  • You can take as many samples as you like and decide afterwards which you want to send in for analysis.
  • You do not have to take into account the opening times of Bioclear for sample delivery.
  • Your sample will remain stable and representative of the system or object at the time of sampling.

Do It Yourself sampling

In most cases our clients are able to take their own samples on location. Once you have placed your order for microbial analyses with Bioclear, we will send you the correct sampling material free of charge. Our sampling kits contain sterile sampling bottles or vials, protocols for sampling as well as materials for clean sampling such as sterile spoons, latex gloves, ethanol for sterilising, etc.

Sampling by Bioclear

In certain situations you might find that it is preferable or necessary for biosampling to be performed by a specialist or under guidance of a specialist, for example:

  • When you need help in deciding on location which samples need to be taken in order to get the maximal microbial information on a system or object.
  • In situations where complex samples need to be taken that require special sampling techniques, such as gaseous samples or large volumes of liquids.
  • When you would prefer our specialists to take the organisation of biosampling out of your hands.

In these situations our specialist field workers will come to your location with all the necessary materials to perform biosampling. Please inform us about your needs so that we can set up a customised quotation in which your specific situation is taken into account.