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Degradation of pollutans

Pollutants are compounds that have undesired effects on the environment. They can have very destuctive and long-lasting negative effects on plants, animals and humans. However, many hydrocarbon pollutants are biodegradable. Micro-organisms use them as a carbon- or energy source, and convert these compounds into harmless products. Applying and harnessing these competences allows efficient and cost effective solutions for cleaning polluted environments. Microbial Analysis specializes in detecting and quantifying micro-organisms that can convert harmfull hydrocarbon pollutants such as VOC and BTEXN into harmless end products under anaerobic or microaerophilic conditions.

   Dehalococcoides + Vinyl Chloride
  Microaerophilic Dechlorination
Dehalococcoides + Microaerophilic Dechlorination


Degradation of pollutants