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With our Archaea analysis the amount of Archaea is determined in your sample. On request we can give you advice on stimulating, preventing or managing archaea for your specific situation.

Analysis essentials

  • To determine the presence of Archaea
  • To determine the spread of Archaea
  • To monitor the archaeal growth in time (does it increase or decrease?)

Content of the package

The following micro-organisms are detected and quantified with our Archaea analysis:

  • Most microbial species that belong to the domain of Archaea
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Background information

Archaea are a group of micro-organisms different from bacteria and eukarya which may contribute up to 20% of Earth's biomass. Most archaea are capable of functioning in extreme habitats, for example in the presence of high temperatures or high salinity.  No evidence is found yet that archaea are pathogenic, but they can cause serious problems in biological processes like biofouling and biocorrosion. Therefore determining whether archaea are present in your sample can in some cases be of great importance.