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Fungal analysis

With our Fungal analysis the amount of Fungi is determined in your sample. On request we can give you advice on stimulating, preventing or managing Fungi for your specific situation.

Analysis essentials

  • To determine the presence of Fungi
  • To determine the spread of Fungi
  • To monitor fungal growth in time (does it increase or decrease?)

Content of the package

The following micro-organisms are detected and quantified with our Fungal analysis:

  • Fungal species belonging to the group of Ascomycetes
  • Fungal species belonging to the group of Basidiomycetes
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Background information

Fungi are a kingdom of micro-organisms classified in the domain of Eukarya. They are abundant worldwide and can be found in soil, water, dead matter, plants and even humans. Fungi are able to produce spores and can thereby survive harsh conditions. They play a fundamental role in nutrient cycling and production of antibiotics, but can also cause serious problems through biological processes like disintegration of wooden structures. Sometimes they are also responsible for odor problems in industrial facilities.