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Iron Reducing Bacteria

With this analysis, iron reducing bacteria (IRB) are determined in your sample. On request we can give you advice on stimulating, preventing or managing IRB in your specific situation.

Analysis essentials

  • To determine the potential for microbial iron reduction
  • To determine the spread of iron reducting bacteria
  • To monitor the potential for microbial iron reduction in time (does it increase or decrease?)

Content of the package

The following micro-organisms are detected and quantified with our IRB analysis:

  • Geobacter sp.
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Background information

Iron reducing bacteria (IRB) use ferric iron as an electron acceptor for gaining energy. The process of ferric iron reduction (Fe3+ -> Fe2+) is common in waterlogged soils, swamps and anoxic lake sediments. Also, IRB may cause corrosion to equipments like pipelines and tanks (MIC).