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Methane Production

With our Methane Production analysis, the potential for microbial methane production is determined. On request we can give you advice on optimizing methane production for your specific situation.

Analysis essentials

  • To determine the potential for microbial methane production
  • To monitor the potential for microbial methane production in time (does it increase or decrease?)
  • To test strategies for optimizing or managing microbial methane production processes

Content of the package

The following microbial key parameter is detected and quantified with our Methane Production analysis:

  • A gene specific for methane producing micro-organisms, methyl coenzyme M reductase

NB: many different types of micro-organisms are capable of producing methane, which all contain the gene responsible for the last step in the methane production process, methyl coenzyme M reductase. This key enzyme is therefore detected and quantified in your sample. By using this approach we show the potential for microbial methane production instead of detecting all species capable of performing the process (which are known to date). This increases the reliability of the results, prevents unnecessary analyses and therefore higher costs.

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Background information

Methane is a gas which is used as an important source of energy, among others for natural gas. A specific group of micro-organisms, the so-called methanogens, are capable of producing methane and are therefore of interest for several applications. On the other hand, methane is a serious greenhouse gas (stronger than carbon dioxide) and uncontrolled production of methane in the environment should be avoided as much as possible.

Methane Production