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How do I obtain a Q-Bioanalysis?

step 1:  

Request your Q-Bioanalysis package quotation
Choose one or more of the Q-bioanalysis packages and request a quotation through the website or by contacting us.

step 2:  

Within 48 hours you will receive a specified quotation by email.

step 3:  

Sampling and sampling material
Send us an email in which you confirm the quotation, and we will send you the necessary biosampling material and instructions free of charge. 

step 4:  

Send samples to Bioclear
Once you have collected the necessary samples you can return these by regular post (uncooled) to:
Bioclear B.V.
Attn. Microbial Analysis
Rozenburglaan 13
9727 DL Groningen
The Netherlands
Please enclose the signed order confirmation from including purchase order number with your samples. We will let you know by email when we have received your samples.

step 5:   Analysis and reporting
We send you a digital analysis certificate within 10 working days after receiving your samples. A shorter delivery time is possible on request.