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Consultancy and Innovation

Many of our clients have little or no experience in working with (or against) microbiology. In these instances our specialists at Bioclear will help you to decide what is needed. We use a multidisciplinary approach (combining knowledge on microbiology, ecology, chemistry, process technology, etc.) to look into wanted or unwanted microbial processes and to define measures to control, prevent or stimulate them. This is always done in close co-operation with you, our client.

The degree of consultancy varies depending on what you require. For example a quickscan in which we analyse available process conditions to determine whether micro-organisms can grow and survive in your process and what the critical control points (CCP) are. On the other hand we also perform complex (research) projects and work together with you to find practical solutions in your situation.

Other services we offer include:

  • Risk analyses
  • Performing desk studies
  • Knowledge transfer (courses, workshops, presentations, etc.)
  • Development of innovative solutions