Use our Bioanalyses to make your microbial process visible and controllable

At Microbial Analysis by Bioclear we strive to make micro-organisms and microbial processes more visible and manageable for our clients. To this end we perform analyses for quantification and identification of micro-organisms and microbial activities. Do you want to optimize your degradation or fermentation process, or improve your biological water treatment plant? Or do you want a solution for your biocorrosion, biocontamination or biofouling issues? Identifying and monitoring of the micro-organisms involved, will be the key to answering these questions. Use our Q-Bioanalysis to monitor a specific microbial process, or a Bio-ID package to identify the micro-organisms that are important in your system.

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The first step in any Microbial Analysis is sampling the system or object under investigation. Bioclear has developed dedicated sampling kits and methods for:


For detection and quantification of micro-organisms or microbial activities in your samples. Our current top five Q-Bioanalyses are:


For identification of micro-organisms in your samples: